Friday, November 13, 2009

Integration yes, but WHICH INTEGRATION ?

No doubts about integration becoming unavoidable.
You don't need to be intellectual to understand this.

since everything has its natural sane limits, it is unthinkable that barbary and civilization or pseudo-religious fashism and individual freedom could peacefully cohabit just as it is unthinkable to produce a quadred circle, or to put together heaven and hell without resulting in unspeakable consequences,...

...the question is:
if the barbary has to integrate into civilization
or if the contrary,
which will be the case if the principles of the barbary will be tolerated and their fellows and organizations will be fed up becoming on this way first a burden and then the dominator and destroyer of the civilization or -in other words- of their [irresponsible] host.

Be careful!
since the barbary has become very sofisticated on its way to influence and power
It will not show itself as the barbary,
but will come along in a mask & [false] holy shine !